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How it all began

It all began back around Thanksgiving 1996. Pundi was searching the 'net looking for people to chat with and make friends. At the site, 'Burst, Pundi was meeting several people. One day, a lady named Tori entered the chat and started a conversation with Pundi. Unfortuately, Pundi had to leave without saying "bye", or "have to leave". The next day, Pundi noticed Tori was chatting again and offered his appologizes. Tori had thought she had asked Pundi a question that pissed him off. Pundi assured her he had to leave unexpectantly. From that moment, they started a strong friendship which has has led into other things. *twinkle*

The story continues between these two. They do not live near one another, yet have kept in contact through e-mail, phone, letters and this site. For more "details" about their friendship and love, please see the following page.

The love (and sex *grin*) story of Pundi and Tori

A love story

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An evening out with Tori

This is what a sweet pussy like Tori's looks like *twinkle*

Tori's Secret Desire

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