~Property of Rane, Please Return if Lost~

While a Free Companionship Contract is renewable annually, most Goreans remain companioned for life because such a relationship is taken seriously. Fate would not have such for me.

I was born into a family of poor scribes, and though my father did his best, he managed only daughters; seven of us. The oldest four were companioned at early ages, and when it came my turn, an arranged companionship with a Warrior I had known most of my life was made.

I did not argue, nor complain, neither was I happy. I went from a being a daughter in a family where lively philsophical discussions often took place, to being the Free Companion of a man whose cognitive function extended from extolling the merits of a particular blade to imploring a young maiden to kneel before him.

During that year, I knew a lonliness I had never known before. Sometimes at night, I wondered if my Companion's slaves were happier. I even wondered what it would be like to be treated as a slave. It occured to me then that life for a pleasing slave might actually be a fulfilling life.

I could not get past those initial thoughts though. In hindsight, I suspect His decreased cognitive faculties had an opposing effect on my libido.

We were in the 11th month of our companionship when city duty brought us to a civic event. It was there, that I met Him.

Have you ever been so caught by someone that it seemed as if your heart stopped beating and you forgot to breathe for an eternity that lasted only ihns?br>
That is how it was that night. No words were spoken but over my veil, my eyes found His and I knew I would belong to Him forever. I felt His gaze from across the room sear my soul. My breath was stolen from me and beneath my robes, I trembled. I felt for the first time that raw, clenching feeling deep in my belly. Though I remained rooted in my spot, I longed to run to Him. I simply ached for Him.

We spoke no words. The days that followed were filled with agony. I barely slept or ate. I was torn between being a proper free companion and the feelings for the Stranger that now overwhelmed my senses.

Perhaps the solution to you would have been an easy one. Perhaps you think I should have remained to renew my contract, remained as a Free woman, put loyalty above lust. But I couldn't. It was as if He held all the air in the world and without Him, I couldn't breathe.

On the day the companionship would have been renewed, I made my way to His tent. I had discovered His name, but His name had been all I had known of Him when He met me at the door.

His eyes raked over me in a slow perusal. No man had ever looked at me that way before. But it was when He kissed me, that I knew there could be no turning back.

He was clear in what He would accept, but He did not force me. I stared into His eyes and knew where I belonged. My last free choice was to submit to Him. It is a choice I have never regretted.


Since that day, I have served Master as we traveled to the Tahari and on to Turia then up along the Thassa until the Sardar Faires have brought us to Ko-ro-ba. In Ko-ro-ba, Master says He will make His home.

The city is different from anything I have ever seen and while I am anxious to see it and meet those of Ko-ro-ba, my primary focus is and will always be on Master.