Please do not whisper to me without asking in an open forum.
I do not do unsolicited touch.If i am in service, please do not find me rude if i do not greet or acknowledge others unless instructed otherwise by the One(s) i am serving. It's called being focused and it's all part of my real time training. Thank you.
I usually play in public but occasionally might venture into the whisper room to find conversation and friendship.
Please do not assume I will want to play in whispers or private all the time. I am worth getting to know in public. There are exceptions of course, I always say 'follow the energy' and there might be times I will* want* to go private or whisper and you*(general you here*) will know that, if or when that happens.
I also enjoy being a big time voyeur and exhibitionist at times too.
In this energy, I can be both a feral leopard type person that can be mischievous as well as that obedient lil prettykitty that craves to please and sometimes, both or not at all. After all, I am a feline personality type pet, but i am always me in all my facets .*grins*
can usually be found in any of my rooms:

I am also known in my other energies as kytten, the 'little'pet within me, Lanie, my Dominant/Guiding energy and, Shalane, which is one of my rt first names from which Lanie is a derivative and Celestial Dream, a handle for writing
poetry in motion
muse of the soul
slave of the heart
servant of the mind
ghost of the past
and balance is the key
to everything that fuels me
Written by poetry in motion 4/2/16