Let Me introduce Myself,

My name is Michelle aka  PleasureMistress

My Domme side had been explored by channels of VT and phone for  two and a half years prior to coming into the Toronto BDSM community.

My yearning to learn and explore was no longer passified with the VT or Phone aspect  of it . I soon  needed to see with My own eyes the reactions I had upon a sub as I flogged  him, spanked  him or  just to  watch  the humiliation and the look on  one's face  when I dress him as a sissy slut.

I finally spread My wings  and felt the first experience of one kneeling before Me. The feeling was amazing, powerful  and wonderous.
I have been an active part of the Community here now for almost two years. I am still a newbie.
Now that I  am  here where I belong  I now feel  the want and desires deeper. The passion of Domming is a very strong part of Me.
The pleasures will be many of that I am sure, the journey long and adventuresome always finding out new things along the way.

I want to explore more, to feel more to see more.

I am a believer in Trust and Honesty, without that, there is

no bond and no basis of a bdsm relationship.
I have  a passion for the cane, I love to flog, crop and a little cbt sure is fun *wg*

I leave with you a few quotes that well pretty much express how I feel.

"Dominance is guiding another to feel emotions unimagined, joys
never before thought possible and affection without measure.
Submission is a gift that must be earned through passion and compassion;
it can be given, but never taken. ~  author unknown ~

~ I would rather have a submissive that is bound to me by love than one who is
bound to me by fear ~ author unknown

~*~ Domination is the desire to exert control over a consenting  partner for the purpose of mutual gratification. ~*~  author unknown

Having read all of this, crooking My finger ,  come explore with Me if you dare.


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