Date of Birth:July 04, 1985

Aliases: Piper Green

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color:Red

Height: 4 '10"

Weight: 99 lbs


In brief Piper Green was born in The City on The Fourth of July to a British father and Irish mother. Since she was four Piper showed amazing ability on the piano, being taught by her talented mother.

When she was ten her parents where killed during a home invasion and she was left for dead.(She has Situs Inversus her heart is on the right side not left where she was shot)She spent time living in Ireland with her Uncle till she was sixteen when she entered Julliard where she stayed till she received her Bachelor of Music degree at 20.

She toured around the country til finally settling back down in the City. There she; came out of the closet (yes she is a lesbian), Learned more about performing and singing from Summer Morrenilli, started performing Symphonic Metal with her band Tempest, married a woman named Dee Genzel, Got rapped, got pregnant, gave birth to her daughter Bethany Anne, went on a World tour, became the number one Symphonic recording artist in Denmark and Sweden, lost Dee to Lupus, got depressed, hooked on pain killers, and tried to kill herself.

She spent two years in rehab and in a hospital to fight her depression, her daughter watched over by family who would bring her for visits to give Piper a goal to get better.

Currently she is back in the City, living in a small house on the out skirts of The City, musically she is back to concentrating on her work, ready to release her second album.

(Music claims: Delain and Within Temptation)