Leather~Lace has claimed me as her slave and i am under her complete control now.
piper may be trained by others, but any sexual play will require permission from Leather~Lace.

Oh so sweet and innocent on the outside. But a hot young woman on the inside. Barely held in check by that innocence. she can be arrogant at times. after all, she is a good girl and would never ever do any of those slutty nasty things that she hears other girl do. But, with enough persuasion, piper can be convinced to do almost anything (except scat, kids, and death/dismemberment). She is 5'5, 115#'s, long blond hair and blue eyes. 36c. she is 18-20 years old.

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piper is exploring chastity/tease and denial at the moment. also animal training. there is some pony-play in her background, but it is still not one of her strong points. piper likes what they do to the girls at Insex, Hogtie, and House of Gord... she just will never admit to it.