Welcome - send your 'Romantic Notions' by email, with a little help from Paisley!

...or a smile, a cheery note, or return a short message to a friend. Sending a multimedia postcard is a fun, free, easy way to keep in touch with someone without having to spend hours thinking up witty things to say! Send holiday greetings, confess you are their secret admirer, or use it to send a great piece of artwork or music to their attention. It's also a wonderful way to send a 'just because I love you' message to find in their mailbox, and sure to bring a smile.

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There's enough junk mail in the world as it is, and even in the virtual world 'spam' rears its ugly head. Visits from the Mail Faery, that little imp who delivers all the fun mail (and quite possibly hides your keys and has your missing socks) are few and far between. What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Send a Multimedia Postcard
Were you sent a card? Have your claim number
handy, and pick it up where the Mail Faery dwells:

Pickup Your Multimedia Postcard
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