Orlando Edwards: GWM ISO...

A character introduction for #r-9thcork(The City RPG)

I've tended bar here at the State since 1996.

These days, I'm the full-time manager at #r-sodom, and I do part-time bartending and dungeon monitoring there, too. I was Deputy Mayor of the City 2009-2010, President of the City Council for 2010-2011, and Deputy Mayor of Infrastructure for 2011-2012.

I lease #r-oloft, one of the industrial warehouse lofts just above SodoM. Since I manage the building, I can set you up with a loft there, too. There is always an empty loft over SodoM.

I wanted to be an artist when I came to the City, but that didn't happen. I ended up managing Sodom, where I hosted some campaign events for Caitlyn Slade, who was elected Mayor. She asked me to serve on her first City Council ((a body that has NO effect on anyone's play whatsoever)), and I've been serving the City ever since.

I'm also the creator of the line of non-alcoholic beverages OdV. They're not half bad, especially if you can't drink.

6', 185, mid-thirties.

Anything else? Just ask.


I speak in plain text. I think and act in italics. If I want to emphasize something, I use bold.

I try to reply to every post directed to me that I can reasonably reply to. I try not to reply to your thoughts, but if you're thinking something that might betray your mood through your facial expression or body language, I may use that.

((Sometimes I'll reply Out Of Character in double parenthesis, if it's too funny for me to resist.))

I'm willing to rewrite almost any post if you whisper to me something that might work better for you.

If I'm in public, it's public. Shit happens. I hate soloing. I work for the City, after all. Anyone can recognize my face and come up and complain to me about anything at all. Chuckle Heck, you can come up and try to Harvey Milk me, as long as you realize I probably won't let you kill me.

Please don't interrupt me if I'm having sex. Wait till afterwards.

I'd rather you whisper to me if I'm in play. Bopping back and forth to the mailroom is too distracting for me.

If you want to attack or surprise me, just use the standard 3-post attack warning and combat p4p. Just let me call my own damage, and be willing to take your fair share.

Currently nonmonogamous, and I flirt like all hell.


I check mail on and off in the morning.
I can arrange tag play most weekday afternoons from 1200-1500 SOI time if you don't mind abrupt RTIs. I never mind if people multitask during this period. This play also needs to be SFW, so no graphic sex or violence.
I sometimes have play time from 1200-1500 on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but it's unpredictable.
I often have play time between 1830-2030, especially if planned in advance.

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