O l i v i a W i l d e

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She started off in television and worked her way up. You might remember her in the beginning on the television series Skin or being Mischa Barton's girlfriend on The O.C. More recently, she�s a doctor on the ongoing television series House M.D. Thanks to television, she's been in many movies. Her biggest blockbuster so far has been Tron: Legacy which grossed $400 million with movies totaling over $1.2 billion.

Currently, she is on a new show shown Thursdays on HBO about a New York music executive in the 1970s hustles to make a career out of the city's diverse music scene. Check her out on Vinyl

Part of her movie release schedule over the next year:

Black Dog Red Dog is a feature-length project that follows the life of poet Stephen Dobyns as he deals with his relationships with women and with mortality, from his childhood to his time as a young journalist and then his transition to poetry.

Of course there was going to be a sequel. Tron 3 in 2016. ~~~ Well, it seems they cancelled filming at the last moment. Back onto the back burner until more profitable movies are milked to death! Scowling at the Comic Book Movies.

She is proud of the success she has had recently, is down to Earth and loves all of her fans, so come say hello! If you see her running around #r-celeb(town) and spot her, it is not uncommon for her to be with Hayden since she�s taken a liking to the young starlet or Jillian who moved from her farm to The City. Be cruel to Hayden and she will come looking for you. Give country~girl Jillian a fuss and there might be a country~style lynching.

~ Beyond her known public figure, she is what I make of her. ~