Name: Nix
Celebrity Claim: Parker Hurley
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'3
Race: Lycanthrope
Species: Lion
Age: 437 (Marked servant-4 marks)
Age at Infection: 22
Age Marked as Servant: 24
Years as a lycanthrope: 415
Status: Alpha
Powers: Control Change Self/Others
Fast Shift Human/Animal, Partial Shift
No Shift Coma, Enforcer/Bodyguard
Abilities: The uncanny knack to calm those around him and
soothe ruffled feathers. Fast blood regeneration.

History: I am a beast with two Masters. One is the epitome of femininity, eccentricity and at times, perverse cruelty. The other is often mercurial, possessive and calculating...and utterly masculine.

The twist in the story comes, when one realizes they both reside within the same body. This is not the product of a split or broken mind, but two very separate entities caught within the same form. I know this for I am their servant, their beast, and I share the minds of each intimately.

When I first met them, it was a conflict, a war of choices. Brother versus Sister. And such a vicious war it was..and still continues to be.

I first met Aleksandra in the summer of the year 1600, she was all elegance, poise and class. A beauty of beauties. What man could possibly resist her charms? It was a whirlwind romance, full of lavish balls and midnight carriage rides.

And then there was Aleksandar. Her brother, her twin. Aleksandar was a brooding fellow, a recluse and very nearly ascetic in his ways. This, of course, only made me that much more intrigued. I had to know more, I had to find a way within those inpenetrable walls.

I was inevitably torn between them, the elegant beauty and the scandalous attraction to her own twin who mirrored her face.

That is until Aleksandra came to me in the night, speaking of such things as a glorious marriage, eternity.

This was when Aleksandar arrived, not in the doorway....but in her eyes. Maddened beyond reason, possession shining in his eyes.

The battle was bloody, though it was not their blood that was spilled but mine. Spilled, consumed as the war waged on between them. "Drink", he said. "No, he is mine" she shrieked...

In the end, I belong to each of them. To both of them equally. A marriage of mind, body and soul. A marriage that will last an eternity.

I am theirs...his love, her possession, their beast, their protector. Their servant.

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