Name: Nicolai
Celebrity: David Dramain
Age: Old
Species: Lycan (Bear)
Rank: Alpha



Control shift in self
Control shift in others
Fast shift
No shift coma
Psychic resistance
Has one achieved a hybrid form....unsure how the fuck he did it


Special Power:

Roar: instills fear in others

Bear rage: once a certain point is reached. It is a beserker type rage. Uncontrolled battle rage. Imperviois to pain. It does not stop till prey is finished.


Fae wine...
The battle rage - he became lost in the hunt. Reckless. Dangerous.



Nico has been a bear as long as he can remember. His whole familia was bears. A deal his great grandfather made many many years ago. The familia would leave always a couple to reproduce. but in time all would become bears.

The familia was high ranking Russian Mafiaso. A bit old fashioned. If you were not bear. You were not fucking shit. The familia was wealthy, hoarding from the days of the barbarians and war tribes. They were Always fighting, amongst themselves and others.

Nico never did like the politics, the power struggle, the conniving or back stabbing.

He made many friends along the way, among the Fae and other Lycan factions. His family had severed those ties - finite. They had killed two of his closest friends. Hyenas. Nicolai snapped. He called a blood feud and disowned the familia.

He fought. Hard and bitter. In the end, he lost.

He left. Taking with him over half the familia's fortune in gold and ancient artifacts.


He is in London. Master of Castle Misfit. A castle that is haven for any without pack, coven, or home.

All are welcome. All are safe. There will be no judgement passed here.

Nico is a black marketeer. A fence. If you want it, he can get it.

Whether it be information or guns. Military grade was his specialty: ammo to kill human, lycan or vampire.

Ancient artifacts varying from mundane to arcane. He could get that too. You name it and he would find it. He maintained a broad expanse of contacts the world over.

He also grows genetically altered marijuana. He grows it and provided it for the supernatural community. Altered to be strong enough for Lycans and Kindred.

You can find his drunken doped up self at castle misfit. (Room id: ukmisfit)

Come on in, lets party.

Nico is easy going fun loving critter. Loyal to the end to those he calls Misfits. Slow to anger, yet very skilled with most any weapon. He prefers his hands or a battle axe. Skilled in Sambo and boxing, as well as Spetznaz combat training.