Nanci's World
So .... you want to know more about me?
I'm way too old to play at chat sites, but I seem to
have forgotten to grow up.
Ethnic Background
Most of my ethnic background involves Denmark, the
Netherlands, Scotland, England, France and Belgium.
Then there is my great grandmother who was
Lakota (Sioux Nation, American Indian)
Locale background
I was born in California and grew up in Northern Oregon
and Northern California. I went to school at U.C. Berkeley
when it was big on drugs but never did them. I married a
sailor and spent a good part of my life traveling the world.
My three children were born in some distant places and
I now live in Massachusetts.
Turn Ons
Friends (and honesty)
Pets ( I have too many )
Fireplaces on a snowy night
The pool on hot summer days
Mountains and the lakes & streams
Romantic, caring men with a sense of humor
The Seashore
SCUBA diving
Riding horses
Sex (with men)
Turn Offs
People who betray my trust
Cruel, hurtful people
Canes, crutches and wheelchairs
Ice on my driveway
Hot, humid summers
Biting a hamburger and having the
tomato flapping on my chin.

For the Brave of Heart and the Strong

(Most pics taken in July, 1998)
Duchess and me ~ Just me ~ Duchess
Max (who falls in the pool)
Jacques (macho marshmallow)
Shadoe (rescued from the snow - very hard to photograph)
An older picture of me.
Never mind HOW old it is!
Good site about MS
Nat'l Multiple Sclerosis Soc.(yes, I have it)
The Oracle of Bacon (fun link)
Lingam Massage
Yoni Massage
I can usually be found in the chat room 'wives'