Not sure why anyOone would be interested but here it goes.

i'm a troll, but Yyou probably already knew that. i live

under a bridge and north of the United States

of course! i can usually be found hanging out at SOI in the

entrance, snuggled down in the comfy chair, wrapped up in

the blankie; this being very similar to RT since i always

have a blanket handy and usually in some state of undress!


i love diet Pepsi, pizza, meat and potatoes and can't

stand veggies unless Yyou count pop corn or ketchup. i

have shoulder-length sun-blonded(no, really) brown hair,

usually worn clipped up; my eyes are pale green and change

with whatever i'm wearing or mood i'm in; i have dimples

when i smile and have learned an 'evil troll stare' by

having kids around. i have a degree in English but

cain't spel; my typing is slow but progressing; and i like

to chat. i really don't like the a/s/l question - its

so...immaterial but if Yyou really need an answer: old,

depends, in the comfy chair, DUH! i toil in the mines

during the season that's taxin' and teach the rest of

the year.

i have 'alter-egos' at SOI but try

to keep them seperate. If Yyer lookin' for me, try the

SOI mail; it works real well.

See the bridge in autumn?

See the bridge in summer?

See the bridge in winter?