Nakita Phoenix Satur...

Age: 36...birthday August 4th, 1980

Sex: female

Hair natural black changes at times to have white stripes, or full white depending on mood...even hints of browns when she's settled.
left eye sea blue right eye jade green red flecks of a curse within.
99 lbs. Very toned.

Attitude, she knows how money talks she prefers her own kind to muggles. Having been raised to hate them, never exposed to a muggle world. She only knows the wizard world, sheltered extremely she seems naive to most. Kita does not boast much about her money or her heritage as a princess. She is friendly to most. But tolerates others for her own gain. She is a emotional roller coaster, one minute nice one minute ready to kill.

Hobbies: Studies muggle karate, skilled with sai's, Singer, guitar, producing new hexes and spells, Quidiatch Beater, Duel Club,

Magical skills: born a werewolf cub, both parents pure bloods her skills are growing as she grows. She can shfit into wolf at will. Can produce fire from her hands, but until she learns to control herself. She will not gain anymore powers hidden within her.

Studies: History of Ancient Magic, DADA, Potions, and a Major in Care of Magical Creatures (haha) Hex's

Story Time

The Satur's are a Pureblooded ancient line from Greece. Originally their name was Saturnine, but the family, tired of being called cold, shortened it. Wealth, power - it was always in their grasp. They were known for their cold hearts, evil people who knew how to get ahead in life. Their crest is a phoenix symbolizing rebirth and strength; proud to show their family line was never destroyed. Until now....

The Lycaon's another pure blood ancient line from Greece. In more ways then most. A direct decedent of King Lycaon in Greek myth the first to meet the fate of the curse. When he attempted to kill Zeus, his bloodline paid for his crimes. The family kept their past secret. Well known through Greece,and wealthy beyond dreams. They ran restaurants up and down the coast. Along with many privately owned businesses only speculated on.

Espen Satur, head of Satur enterprises. On a business trip, came across Ashanti Susi Lycaon - an exotic pure blood woman, who kept mostly to herself running her family's local restaurant. Espen, being a normal man of his family saw what he wanted and married her quickly. But soon problems arose; Ashanti, he learned, was more nocturnal, disappearing into the woods or working her magic, tending her herbs. Espen wanted heirs and this was yet to happen. In a fit of rage he cast a spell to conceive with her, but unknown to him they mated on a full moon. When it was over she slipped out into the night, switching to a werewolf, and mating with another of her kind*.

Nine months passed, producing twin girls. That is when Espen's world turned cold. Two girls with mismatched eyes opposite of the other - but then, one girl was a cub and one was a normal baby. Days went by and the cub turned to a normal looking child. But to Espen it was outrage, Ashanti's secret was out. Pleading to keep the girl alive, Ashanti explained herself, that the family line was pure wolf pure wizard; they hid in normal society - it wasn't hard to do. Agreeing to never see the other lycan again to save her child the girls lived. Nakita the cub and Makaya the normal child. It's not hard to figure out which child stayed close to which parent. Espen was always with Makaya at his side. Ashanti was always with Nakita. Three years had passed in this agreement until one night when Ashanti was outside in the gardens with Nakita. The call of wolves echoed the air; it didn't startle her. Smiling down to her daughter and singing an old family song, she turned to face a large wolf. No screams, no fear she ran to it, disappearing in the woods. Nakita, left on her blanket, watched - playing with flowers. Soon another wolf came up, approaching the child.More ragged and evil looking with golden eyes. Reaching out to pet the wolf she had no fear, any innocent child would do the same. The wolf bit onto her wrist pulling her towards the woods, when a yell came from the mansion. Espen, furious, raced down after the child. The wolf panicking then bit her on the back of her neck, dragging her away fast. But shots rang out, the child dropped and bleeding from the bites as an injured wolf ran off, human screams pierced the air with baby cries. So ended Nakita's normal happy life....

Espen forced now to raise both girls alone, to make the muggle world happy a lie produced - an empty closed coffin and a funeral for Ashanti, blaming a ruthless wolf attack on his dead wife. She was never seen from again... Whispers during the funeral from family poked fun at the child. What a handful she will be, but an asset in the end. Plots against the child made. Soon she would be a pawn in the family's success. Under lock and key the twins stayed, moving them around the world as Nakita soon became a hazard, killing servants, maiming animals. Her Father cursed himself and sheltered her. School to school she moved until she met Dadeum Lovefello, another high ranking name but in the wizarding world it was a match, a perfect match, the two fell in love and plans were made. For once again a happy ending seemed on the horizon, at least for Nakita, but her father and his minions saw other things. Her happiness not one of them, Dadeum overheard plans to move Nakita again and went into rage. The wedding fast approaching, he wasn�t having it. Making the mistake of threatening Espen, met his end.

Espen dragged Nakita off the night before her wedding, cornering her, pushing her to the edge with lies and threats, knowing she would snap and shift. That was all it took; lies tore her apart as she raced from the mansion. Dadeum, as planned, chased after her - worried, as Espen looked on laughing behind them at the door. Into the woods she fled, screaming in pain fighting herself she didn't have control yet, so young, hurt by lies. To his horror he saw his bride become the wolf, turning on him. Rumor has it his screams echoed the lands for hours before they found his body. Nakita was gone, Espen having trapped her and returned her home, covering her tracks, awakening to him laughing, telling her what she had done. Complementing her on killing her first love. Broken hearted she moved again, vowing never to love another.

Years had passed and now she had come here to Hogwarts, broken, abused, and lost. Her anger is still not under control, thanks to her father. But the girl tries to be good, her heart like the wolf with Makaya at her side, she hoped this would be a new start. The best went to school here. Intent on finding a cure, believing her bite scars to be her cause, never having been told she was born a cub, her world will change. Now an adult, her true enemies will come for her. The darker side of her raging to be free. Her father's plans coming together, her enemies getting closer. Will she stand or fall, when all hope is lost? Who do you turn to when you secret comes out? Used to being sheltered she is naive at hiding her truth. Never exposed to her own kind until she arrived here and met Professor Lupin. Living a life of being hunted, abused, and hated, it was hard for her to accept another like her.

Time passed, Malfoy became her Guardian. After a kidnapping made her crazy. Alice still comes around, and when she's out...Chaos will follow.

Under the Malfoy's influence she was made a Death Eater; torn now between right wrong, and natural instinct. While life has passed and regrown. The sudden return of Daedum was a shock. Through struggles they found a middle ground. A hope for some strained future, he is known to appear at random. And disappear just as fast. Her random problem of insanity stemmed from a kidnapping. Leave's her teetering a edge of reality. While Eltanin Lestrang keeps that reality on a VERY short leash. Between her group of friends hope lingers on...

The question is will she stay the light trapped in the dark? Or will she become the Dark in the light? Under the reign of the Death Eaters now, there is little hope for her....or is there?