Naked Domme
height:5'10" weight: wouldnt you like to know
Long brown hair, brown eyes
36D - 25 - 36
I am very athletic, full tan, I keep My mound waxed smooth, usually found naked around soi
I am Lesbian Domme
I do on occassion team up with the Hunter VIGILANTE and upon a successful capture We share the prize, I am into a variety of different kinks, although normally I have a soft touch I can be quite hard, especially if that is where the prey likes going.
with the close of the original bambi hunting grounds I am searching for other recreation, thinking about taking a cruise soon maybe that will clear things up a bit.
Returned from that cruise, all refreshed, to find a new bambi hunting grounds opened, and heading back to the hunt, it has been awhile so I may be a bit rusty but more than willing to give it a go *smiles*
((More to come))

*please feel free to visit My newbie documents page, I hope you find it as informative as I have for all these years*