Going in, do not whisper or mail during a scene. It's the height of rudeness and any such whispers or mails will be deleted without reply.

i am not a slave nor a submissive. That means i will not be owned.

i am a woman who enjoys play with a Man who enjoys delivering pain and humiliation.

i'll allow You to enjoy me with a few limits.

1. All play must adhere to the rules of SOI.

2. Play must not involve piss or scat.

3. Play must not involve snuff.

4. There can be no permanent markings or alterations.

5. Play will be public. If You have need to hide me that's Your problem.

5. If you cannot put a paragraph together then you're wasting our time.

6. There is more to sensual play then a blow job.
___That doesn't mean i won't give them or don't enjoy them.
It means use Your imagination. You aren't 16, are You?