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Some people know me as different names around here... Caemlyn, Sweetling, and of course Missy... I hang around various place's in the 'state'... but usually my room or lurking and sometimes answering posts in z2cork or soicork. Many days I'll just stick to my mail room.

My RT life is pretty much an open book... tho many don't choose to ask. In many ways.. RT should be kept private.... but I don't have secrets... so why not be honest. I work at a library... my title is "technical services". I pretty much sit in front of a computer all day putting books, cds, movies, and audio books into a computer system so that they can go into circulation. I like reading, crafts, writing, web design (I do have my own personal page... if you want the link.. ask), and spending as much time as possible with the "impkins" (my neices & nephew).

You will find photos of me at times in z2bared2. I'm not biased... and believe that all people should be treat as equals, no matter what the orientation they choose or what goes on behind closed doors. That's part of what makes me... ME... the willingness to accept people for who they are inside & out

If you have any other questions, or would just like to contact me, My mail room is open. And... feel free to stop by one of my rooms to just say 'hey'

A special thanks to Bew for the background...