Mikail 'Deadman' Callaway
His Story

Mikail's parents were poor Russian/Irish immigrants that came to the United States before his birth in 1977. In the land of Freedom and Opportunity, the family moved to the West Coast, where his father found a job as the Janitor for the local school system. The relationship between his father and his mother was alcohol fueled, loveless and abusive. His first few years after being born prematurely, were a struggle for the frail and weak child who was often reminded he was a mistake by his parents. Mikail suffered forms tremendous abuse from his parents. In elementary school he was short, thin, shy and reclusive child who always walked with his head down trying not to be noticed. He always wore baggy clothes to cover burns and bruises that had been inflicted on him. He took it as the natural way of life. You were always kicked when you were down, the world was violent and disruptive, and it was suicide to believe in anything more than that.

Things started to change for him as he hit his teenage years. By the time that he hit High School, he had dropped out and started to live on the streets, crashing where he could with the few friends he had and local shelters. Physically he was changing too, growing like a weed, topping out at 6 feet before too long. Surviving the best that he could by dumpster diving and working odd jobs here and there. The one bright spot during this time was Sara, she showed him kindness and they began a tumultuous relationship for years. They were barely making it by living off of what he could find, handouts and the odd jobs. One day because he was so desperate for work, he met a Biker who took him in under his wing. This friend was the one who gave Mikail the nick name 'Deadman', because this gangly six foot plus boy looked like a skeleton or dead man walking all skin and bones. This friend introduced Mikail to the world of bikers by inviting him one night to a house party. That night he met a lot of people there who had lives very similar to his, and found family and life long friendships within the club.

This friendship with the club saved his life. As a prospect, they gave him odd jobs here and there. Helping him with food and shelter. Things started to look up. One night while doing one of these jobs, his friend and him were picked up by the cops. Mikail took the fall, and spent the next few years in prison. While in prison, his moniker of 'Deadman' soon became an apt name for different reasons than before. Mikail soon filled out, growing into his 6'10 frame with 300 pounds of solid muscle. If he was after you, you were a dead man. He used his years in prison, honing his skills and getting an education he could have never gotten with a high school diploma. Once out of prison, he was welcomed back into the club with open arms and was rewarded for not squealing. He became an enforcer for the club, because really, did you want to mess with the Deadman? Over the years he has done what he could and for the best of the club, earning his cut and the respect of the men he rides with.

Through the years, and the live fast, ride hard, die free lifestyle, He found out that he had a knack for designing and fixing bikes. And during one stint in lock up, he earned his GED and got his certificate for Bike Mechanics. Though he considered this more of his hobby, he and Sara had a few happy years, until one day, their lifestyle caught up with them. Sara didn't come home one night and later Mikail found out that she had been raped and murdered. It is something he has not fully come to grips with, and they have never found the suspect. After Sara died, Mikail couldn't stay. Haunted by his demons, he packed up and hit the road.

He ended up a Nomad, drifting across the US, spending sometime on the East Coast. Scraping what he could together, he opened up a shop and began building his bikes. There he met this young paint slinger, and the daughter of another Nomad , Harlow Danes. She proved to be one hell of a woman, one of the best paint slingers around, and she helped bring his creations to life. They have been making ends meet, scraping to keep the shop open. But life is never as straight forward as we would like. They have moved several times over the years because the club needed him. This time it was Rogue who called and said we are setting up shop,and again he was on the move for the club. As long as he has his bike, his brothers and his old lady, He is home.

Name: Mikail Callaway
Celeb Claim: The Undertaker
Height: 6"10"
Weight: 328 lb
From: British Columbia Canada
DOB: March 24, 1977