My name actually is mickie

I am a 47 yr old single submissive, a mother of three and a mid level geek girl. My time spent here in soi is mainly a form of socializing. As a full time employee and a mother its hard to find time to go out and socialize in the real world. As the head of my household in the real world, this has lead to a desire to be in control in a crazy world to make sure needs are met for all and to keep chaos at the door. In a way, it feeds my submissive needs to see others happy, but this life has taught me that I have needs too and to never forsake them for others. Finding a balance has not been easy, but it's been rewarding.

To those ends, I have found that while I can share in that casual polly sense of things, I abhor rudeness. If I can't keep your attention for the night. If you find the need to be in two places at once, by all means find someone who can keep that attention and be there. Please just don't waste my time, or her's by socializing with us both in different places. Its just rude. I would rather you, and I go find someone who can fill our needs, for the minute, the night or longer. I am also not looking for anything outside of soi right now.

As I said, I can share in the casual, I can and have been in leather families online, but I enjoy the quiet one on one time much more than large gatherings. I can be wild in the right setting and mood, but more often than not, i am more to the subtle angel than the wild party girl type of personality. Learning how to flip that switch in me will take you time. Don't bother to ask for tips, I will find that lazy of you and lose interest. You see, only the best things in life are worth working for, and while I am no better or worse than anyone else. I do think I am one of the better ones. So that is a bit about me, if you want to know more feel free to ask, but please understand, that I might not answer.

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