Who Is Melody Belle?

Growing up in Moreauville Louisiana, a town of just short of a thousand people. Melody Elizabeth Mary Ellen Belle was born to parents who loved her dearly. Her father and mother owners of a small farm attached to the adjacent land of her grandparents worked hard and wished to instill nothing but love, commitment and a sense of good hard labor and the fear of god almighty in their new baby girl. Her life was happy on the farm. Time with her family was precious the oldest of what they hoped would become a large and ever growing family. Love was flooded onto the first born ..

Then one sad day at the age of 8 pumpkin butt as her father called her awoke to the whisper of her grandmother who was staying with her as her parents were out the night before, her life would never be the same again as she heard her grandparents talking in the hallway outside her bedroom. Discussing how to tell the little girl who would surely be waking soon. The night had taken their parents. The dark roads had held a surprise coming around one of the man curves and they were both lost to the accident as the car impacted the tree. From that day on Mel, became the charge of her grandparents. Sylvia and Alister Belle, two love and heart warming people who employed local men to keep the two farms running. To keep them in place for Mel to one day care for with her family, just has her parents had dreamed.

A only child she grew up getting to know the kids at the local high school. Never one to accept teh force of hand that stereotype offered. Not only was she the first interracial relationship in the small town but she and her companion Liam were the king and queen of the prom. Her voice blew through the local first baptist church of God as forcefully as her new way of looking at things spread through the town. Loved or hated by all those around her there was never any common ground for this girl. Who while a hard worker learning all the thing a good wife, a good farmer, a good christian and a good woman should know. Was also encouraged by her grandfather to love music and motors.

Long late nights in his garage tinkering with his antique cars and listening to old country, blues and Jazz, she found her voice and her desire. Her family was here her life was hear but everything inside of her including her voice screamed for something larger.

After the death of her poppy and the devastation that come from it, she stayed with her grams for a long time. Running the church chore and falling in love with the young son of the local Mortician, Oliver Sowerberry, She was almost 8 years his senior when they started to fall in love when he was but a young 18 as he played the ivory as if it were heaven itself calling her to his fingers. They say they played and at the age of 19 he asked this older, wiser woman to marry him. With broken heart she did what she believed to be right and denied this loves request. Setting out into the world with her inheritance from poppy and her parents and coming to the City after the release of her first album and a brief time touring venues throughout the country. She opened what she'd always dreamed. Her own venue. Her own place A place to build her home. .

After arriving in the city and a brief run in with the heart she'd broken that then intern burst hers to bits once more. One late evening a shabby looking man walked into her bar seeking out employment, after cooking her a dinner to convince her he was in fact a chef. She hired him. A short time later their friendship began to build and soon turned to a deep affection and then through the pain of the once more loss of Oliver, she found her hearts true other half in her Leon Schimmel. They had a whirlwind romance, finding each other the completion of what they'd' always been missing. Leon having been married before needed the love a good woman could supply, and she needed a true love of a man that would not leave a man she could count on her protector. That was her Leo. They married. Then giving birth to the most beautiful little boy James Humphrey Schimmel, they seek out a life together this pentecostal, and this jew. Trying to find a balance. A path. The whole while building Leons empire. building their business and taking on life a day at a time keeping her love away from his vice and in her arms.