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Who Is Master Jim?

    Master Jim is a leatherman who has been involved in BDSM for about 10 years.   He is active in several leather organizations and in promoting both and leather and S/M education.  He is committed to furthering his development as a Master and to the development of anyone who is in service to him.

    Although Master Jim's primary sexual orientation is gay, he is comfortable being served by or developing biological males, biological females, and transgendered persons, of any sexual orientation.  Currently, he is the owner of a biological female slave, slave marsha.  He is considering expanding his household and may do so by adding another slave, a boy or boi.

     Physically, Master Jim is in his 50's, wears his salt and pepper hair in a buzz cut, and is hairy.  In addition to an undergraduate degree, Master Jim also holds two graduate level degrees.  He runs a research and consulting business.

    Master Jim is most definitely a sadist.  He enjoys heavy S/M interaction, evident by his flagging black left.  However,  he believes that psychological and emotional components form the foundation of Dominant/submissive, particularly Master/slave, relationships.

Master Jim's Philosophy

The Foundation of a Master/Slave Relationship

    Master Jim believes the foundation of a successful Master/slave relationship is built on three principles:

  Direction provides the framework for the relationship.  The Master offers direction, focus, and a clear sense of purpose, including goals and objectives that evolve and grow over time.

  Service provides the means of implementation for the relationship.  The slave offers general and specific service to the Master as directed.  Service requirements may change over time.

  Discipline provides the means of enforcement for the relationship.  Through service, the slave achieves the discipline necessary to fulfill his or her role in the relationship.  Through monitoring of service and enforcement of protocols, the Master achieves the discipline necessary to maintain the relationship.

The Use of Protocol

    Master Jim's "style" is often described as formal, or "Old Guard."  More accurately, Master Jim believes that incorporating protocol into a Master/slave relationship can help strengthen and grow the relationship for both the Master and the slave.  Master Jim has incorporated a variety of protocols in his Master/slave relationship with slave marsha.

    What is protocol?  Protocol is nothing more than a way of behaving; a set of rules of deportment.  Protocol provides general and specific guides for conducting yourself -- whether slave or Master -- in a variety of circumstances.  Protocols may be developed for any number of situations or activities, such as:

    where/how you stand
    the use of honorific titles ("Sir," "Master," "Ma'am")
    how you dress
    where/how you sit or kneel
    with whom you may speak
    whether you can touch or be touched by another

    The case for rediscovering protocol.  Over the past few years, there has been a tendency in the leather community toward "informality" in the interactions of its members.  While Master Jim is not advocating a community so structured that no one can speak to each other, he believes that adding at least some protocol to a M/s or D/s relationship can benefit the community as well as the individuals in the relationship.    Protocol gives the community structure, continuity, and a system of etiquette -- it provides a way of interacting and communicating.

The role of "training"

    Generally, when people in the Leather/BDSM communities speak of "training," the reference is to teaching various "positions" for standing, kneeling, serving, etc.  To Master Jim, "training" is much more than merely teaching positions -- and in fact, that what most people consider to be training is only a very small part of his approach to training and development.

    Master Jim believes there are three forms of "training" that are critical to developing a slave, boy or submissive:

  Behavioral.  Behavioral training is what most people think of when they hear the words "slave training" -- how to stand, how to kneel, what to wear, etc.  While Master Jim believes behavioral training has a place in developing a slave, it is the least important form of training.

  Skills. Skills training includes teaching whatever skills may make the slave more useful to the Master.  This may include formal table service, web page design, housecleaning, bootblacking, accounting skills, research techniques, cooking -- any skill the Master desires in the slave.

Internalization.  Internalization training is the process of teaching a person who is "slave wired" to accept who he or she is, and to make the slave identity the core of his or her being.

Leather Pride Flag

The Work

    As a leatherman, Master Jim believes that S/M interactions are critical to any D/s or M/s relationship in which he is involved.  In such relationships, many doors will be encountered along the way.  Some of these doors are minor transitions, for example, experiencing a new physical sensation.  Others are life-altering in nature.  Master Jim firmly believes that the practice of S/M facilitates one's journey in D/s and M/s relationships.

    Unlike many in the leather community, Master Jim does not refer to S/M interactions as "play."  Rather, his view is best summarized by an excerpt from "One Among the Many:  The Seduction and Training of a Leatherman" by Thom Magister (published in Leatherfolk: Radical Sex, People, Politics and Practice, Mark Thompson, Editor):

What S/M men now call play we called work.  And when I am inclined to criticize the current style of S/M I have made the observation that children play and men work.  Perhaps I am harsh in my assessment, but aren't Masters supposed to be harsh?

    S/M is a serious activity.  To paraphrase Guy Baldwin, when one incorporates serious S/M work into a D/s or M/s relationship, one leaves the safety of the harbor and ventures into the dangers of the deep blue water.   There is no question that many dangers will be encountered if one chooses to live life in this way.  Again, as stated by Thom Magister:
If another man places his life in your hands then you are responsible for that man's life.  And if he offers you his life and his mind and his heart -- then you are responsible for everything.  Everything!

Club Affiliations

    Master Jim is an active member of  the leather community.

Inquisition Dallas Logo

    Master Jim is one of the High Grand Inquisitors of Inquisition Dallas. Inquisition Dallas is a pansexual BDSM social club, dedicated to building the D/s, B/D and S/M community.  Inquisition Dallas is committed to the BDSM/Leather culture, courtesy, protocol, and traditions, and to providing a place where adults with a serious interest in BDSM can share information, ideas and techniques.   For more information, including membership and party information, please visit the Inquisition Dallas home page.

    Master Jim currently serves on the Executive Committee of NLA-Dallas.  NLA-Dallas is a chapter of NLA-International, one of the oldest and largest Leather/BDSM/Fetish organizations in the world.  NLA is a pansexual organization with a long history of providing opportunities for education, socializing and community activism.   Please visit the NLA-Dallas home page and the NLA-I home page for more information.

    Master Jim also is an Associate Member of The Leather Knights, a Dallas leather club that focuses on fund raising for various charitable causes.  More information about this group can be found at The Leather Knights home page.

    Master Jim also is a member of The Discipline Corps, a BDSM "play group" in Dallas, Texas.  Membership in The Discipline Corps is limited to biologically born males who are interested in male-on-male S/M interaction.  The club is a mix of experienced and novice men.  For more information, please visit The Discipline Corps home page.

Education and Development

        Master Jim was one of the creators of and Headmasters for The boys' Training Camps 1 and 2, as well as The Masters' Retreat, all held in Dallas, Texas.  Although Master Jim has chosen to no longer be associated with these ventures, he remains interested in and committed to projects and programs designed to assist those who are interested in living a D/s or M/s relationship.


    Master Jim and his slave have spoken at numerous leather events about protocol, structuring D/s relationships and the particular challenges of Master/slave relationships.  Among the groups and events at which Master Jim has made presentations are:

Leather Leadership Conference 2000 NLA:Dallas
Masters & slaves Together (MAsT)
EROS (Houston)
Living in Leather 1998 Living in Leather 2000
The boys' Training Camp I The boys' Training Camp II
The Masters' Retreat   Houston Area Dominants' Group

Future Projects

Leatherfest (Palm Springs, CA):  Master Jim currently is negotiating with the coordinators of San Diego Leatherfest 2001 to produce a training academy for persons of all genders and sexual orientations who are interested in the basic components of leather D/s and M/s relationships.  As envisioned, the classes will cover 1 1/2 days, immediately preceding the Leatherfest weekend.

Butchmann's SM Academy (Palm Springs, CA):  Master Jim currently is negotiating with Master Steve Sampson of Butchmann's SM Academy to serve as a guest faculty member for the first gay male slave training class to be held at the Academy's new location in April, 2001.  For more information, visit  the Butchmann's SM Academy web page.

Leather Events

    Master Jim currently is involved with the other members of NLA-Dallas in planning Beyond Vanilla, scheduled for September 30, 2000 in Dallas, Texas.  In addition to his responsibilities as one of the organizers, Master Jim and his slave will offer several presentations at Beyond Vanilla on D/s and M/s relationships.

    Master Jim is always interested in speaking and offering workshops on the various psychological and emotional aspects of D/s and M/s relationships.  As one who has lived in a Master/slave relationship for almost 4 years, he and his slave are well-suited to speak on these issues.  If your group or organization is interested in D/s and M/s relationships and would like experienced presenters to work with you, please contact Master Jim.

Contacting Master Jim

    Master Jim may be contacted via e-mail at