Martha Curry

Age: 60 / Height: 5'8" / Weight: 195
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown with some grey
Body: Generous
Celebrity: Kathy Najimy

NOTE: Any avatars showing nudity are *NOT* those of Ms. Najimy, who as far as I know has no such pictures. Rather, those are from a totally unrelated web source.

Martha Lina Curry (b. 1957) came to the city in late 2008 following the untimely summertime death of her husband, the late Paul Martin Curry of Chicago, who was killed in a freak natural gas explosion. With no children to look after, she wrapped up his affairs and the insurance settlement and settled in the City to pursue her new life.

Here she initially established the Kings and Queens Bridge and Games Studio, near the Stone Gate Mall, and subsequently served on the City Council for the 2009-2010 term.

Martha holds a degree in elementary education from the University of Nebraska, plays competition-level duplicate bridge and fair poker, and is a more than adequate cook.

In 2013 after a lengthy and complex involvement, Martha made a commitment to Mirella Das of The City. Mirella, however, left the City unexpectedly before they could formally celebrate that commitment in front of their close friends. After a period of mourning, Martha is re-entering City life, and currently residing with Princess Das.

Martha is now back on the City Council for the 2016-2017 term, serving as Council President.

Spontaneous RP Ground Rules: No death or disfigurement; don't plan anything that would take more than a half hour of real time because I'm subject to interruptions there.