Marshall Tex Carter
Born in North Dakota, on a stormy night in 1856, he was christianed Tex Carter by parents eager to start a new life in Texas. The next year found them settled there, his father a Marshall, and respected member of the community. Tex followed his dad everywhere, and was there at age 10 when a marauding gang of cowboys gunned him down. Afterwards his mother turned to alcoholism, and would beat Tex whenever possible. One day when he was 14, he was on a walk and saved the life and honor of a young Apache maid from a nearby camp. Her father, a friend of Tex's father, offered Tex a new life in their camp. He was accepted by all and soon the young maiden and he fell in love and were pledged. The happiness was short lived. When he was 18 another gang dressed as cavalry men raided the camp and his love died in his arms. He swore vengence and spent 6 years roaming the country and ridding it of these men. The last lead him to a strange town called Tombstone.

When he entered the town, he met a quiet young cherokee woman named Silentbreeze, and she stole his heart away. They were married and settled to a happy life. But Tex's ghosts came back to haunt him. His old love, Summer Dawnn, was still alive, married to another and raising Tex's young twins. Then Silentbreeze left him to return to her people. He wandered for a time, not knowing what to do, and bought the remains of the town Rattlesnake Bend and lived in the old Wild Boar Saloon. He was elected Marshall over Tombstone and Rattlesnake Bend, and served them with pride, always wearing his father's Marshall badge with the bullet hole in it. By and by, silentbreeze returned to Tombstone, and the two were reunited. They built a cabin out on the range and soon were blessed with a daughter. Together the family lives in love, blessed by the Creator and never to be apart again.