Updated: Oct. 25, 2018

I am no one’s.

Messages and whispers are disabled in order to keep my beast life simple.

And yet I saw this on tumblr and it is how I feel, and how I prefer to exist, as marigold at SOI:

“I belong on my back
I belong on my knees
I belong to others
I will bend over when told to
I will offer my holes when prompted to
I do not get a say in how I am treated
I do not have to like how I’m used
My body belongs to others
My cunt is public property”

To be controlled and handled is my natural state.

I like to please, love to make others happy, and I enjoy both men and women sexually...

I love power exchange even more than I love sex. But, of course, power exchange turns me the fuck on, so....

My goal is to never say no.

Sometimes a lot of people message, whisper, or speak to me in a room all at the same time and, where others seem to be good at navigating this, I become overwhelmed and drop the ball.

If I do not respond to whispers, messages, or posts in a room — please be patient with me and understand that I am doing my best. I am kind and would not ignore you deliberately.

Dominants: I love you. I absolutely love what you are. Please don’t put me in a position of having to choose between two dominants or not knowing how to please both. It is heart wrenching to feel torn and not know how to be a good girl and make everyone happy at once. I do not need to be asked to be used, so you can share me or decide to control me until you are done.

Please just help yourself to me.

Please do not ask me to perform tasks, duties, or to maintain your will beyond the time we spend interacting. I am an animal and that is like asking a dog not to obey by sitting for other humans for the rest of the day. I realize I am a human animal, but please allow me to be the obedient and simple beast I need to be. Being an object frees me from thinking. Placing restrictions or follow-up demands on me requires thinking.

I love sharing and surprises.

LIMITS: Very, very few online. I like an underlying caring and affection to exist even in the most depraved scenes. Intimacy is hot, especially with sadism and control. Seven Deadly Sins is only person I call Daddy.