For fun stuff, feel free to check out my Blog. Itís naughty.

Iím not into many particular kinks. I like to be dominated and controlled, especially by a good person who has her or his, the relationship, and my best interests at heart. I like people, and superheroes, who use their powers for good.

Things that exercise and highlight the power and control between us are what really turn me on. I donít need spanking, but if it happens, it makes me feel controlled, disciplined, and little. So it turns me on. Itís not about the spanking, the spanking is just a tool to reach that feeling and relationship dynamic.

The same goes for orgasm denial, being loaned out for sex, degradation, affectionate humiliation, and so on. For me, itís always about how that reinforces the dynamic of the relationship and highlights the power structure. There are no particular kinks I cannot live without. And there are few limits to what I am willing to do, especially online.