I am no oneís.

I am not owned.

I am my own person.

I like to please, love to make others happy, enjoy both men and women sexually...

I love power exchange even more than I love sex. But, of course, power exchange turns me the fuck on, so....

Sometimes a lot of people message, whisper, or speak to me in a room all at the same time and, where others seem to be good at navigating this, I become overwhelmed and drop the ball.

If I do not respond to whispers, messages, or posts in a room ó please be patient with me and understand that I am doing my best.

Dominants: I love you. I absolutely love what you are. Please donít put me in a position of having to choose between two dominants or not knowing how to please both. It is heart wrenching to feel torn and not know how to be a good girl and make everyone happy at once.

LIMITS: Very, very few online. I like an underlying caring and affection to exist even in the most depraved scenes. Intimacy is hot, especially with sadism and control.