My name is Mariella. I am 27 years old (rt), and I am here to play with the boys and girls who are interesting in adult breast feeding.

I don't mean I want you to be a baby.

I have natural blonde hair that reaches my ass. I have green eyes. I'm 5'7. Weight 134 lbs. My breasts are a large, swollen, achy, D but usually C cup. My nipples are big and thick, and leak if squeezed and suckled.

I am 7 months pregnant (rt) and have been producing milk since my sixth month, although it's mainly colostrum. But it still tastes good!

I don't care if you're male or female - if pregnant, milky mommas, interest you then message me.

I have been in SOI for about a year now, but mainly in the whisper rooms.

No more personal details will be shared other than what I have shared here. Please don't ask.

I'm here for fun.