"Greetings be Y/you Master, Mistress,

sister or brother,"

makayla{F} speaks softly.

"Describe yourself, lil one."

"This girl is the pleasure slave of Master Firewall.

She is white skinned but tanned with no tan lines.

Her hair is shoulder-length, sun-blonded brown and

her eyes are bedroom green. Her cheeks dimple when she

smiles, her neck is collared, her nipples brown and

easily aroused. The mark of Master Firewall lies on

the tender inner surface of her left breast. Her

mound is shaven, her legs curvaceous. She has been

trained in most of the pleasure arts - at least those

which her Master finds appealing. The girl's scent

is of lavender - and sometimes musk.

"And is there more?"

"Sir, this slave wears silver slave bells, her head, nipples

and ankles will sing as she moves. If Master Firewall

desires, she also wears a sirik. Her collar is black

leather with small silver chains dangling from it, most

pleasing to the eye. When she kneels, it is upon a

black leather fur, the contrast with her skin emphasizes

her whiteness."

"And how does she kneel?"

"This one kneels most properly. Her fine white hips rest

upon her heels, her small hands lie open, palms

upright on her thighs, her back is straight.

makayla{F} holds her head up and properly keeps

her eyes downcast."

"And her limits, lil one?"

"This slave has been told her limits are nothing by

force and there are to be no marks. The girl has

not been given instructions for certain actions. Should

One wish something she is unsure of, makayla{F} will

respectfully decline. She will do nothing that would

bring shame to Master Firewall. The girl has also been

given permission to decline."

"This girl is listed on the slave registry as 948231."

"To view her slave regisrty please click http://www.slaveregister.com/948231"

"For her certificate, click http://www.slaveregister.com/certificate/948231"


"she thanks Yyou for Yyour time."