Major Nelson

My first crush was on barbara eden from "I Dream of jeannie." How I longed to open an ornate bottle and watch a plume of pink smoke emerge, transforming into a beautiful harem girl who would cater to my every whim.

That crush and fetish has followed me into adulthood. While my taste in women is varied (I love brunettes, blondes, and redheads equally, and find women of all ethnicities beautiful), I find that I cannot escape that desire and need to have a submissive woman in harem attire obediently following my commands.

i also occasionally enjoy exploring life from the other side of the bottle, being a male genie and serving a kind and gentle Mistress.

Both sides of the fantasy are gentle, with perhaps some light spanking or slightly raised voices the most disciplinary aspects.

So, I am seeking a lovely young lady to help me explore these fantasies. I'm not ready to jump into anything r/t at the moment. My real life is in flux, and I need to settle some personal things first. But I do want to find some kind of release for my needs online. Of course, once trust is established, an online relationship can grow into something real and permanent.