Maelficent : Recently committed Amaranth is now 6th generation. Lived as a ghoul to Mars & Portia for hundreds of years before her embrace. Child of Mars of Clan Tzimisce Her birth name has been lost to time...only one knows it, and it is NOT her sire. She is not as old as some, but not as young as others. Her heart and soul are pure...even though she dwells within the service to the Sabbat...she has a shockingly high humanity, and a genuinely GOOD soul, Pure even...her actions are always taken no matter good or bad with that aspect in mind. She does not randomly kill people, or even cause them harm without good cause. It hurts her to do so, and unlike her vile sire, she is no inquisitor to torment and torture as so many of her clan are. She is a master of Subterfuge, and capable of appearing anyway she chooses with very high levels of Vicissitude, Auspex, Fortitude & Koldunic Sorcery Lower levels of Dominate, Presence, Celerity, Potence, Animalism & Thaumaturgy. ((If you need to know more Just ask...I have no secrets. If it will improve the RP/Writing...I am all for it, even if it means I lose the fight sometimes))