Well, I am honestly flattered as I know that almost no one reads this far, which makes you special among citizens of SOI. Please feel free MSG me if you would like to get to know me better ~grin~. I can be an awful lot of fun when I'm in the mood.

Ok, so let's get this straight right off the bat. I am nasty, harsh, cruel and dirtier than a texas poolhall. No point in beating around that bush. I am a no-limits kind of girl and the dirtier and nastier the better. I am a no-hold-barred Dominant, a deviant kinky Mistress and the best fuck this side of the Pecos. *grin*


ok, maybe not the best... but still pretty damn good!

However, that does not mean I am not a lady nor am I an idiot. I mostly go for girls, darlin'. Not that I won't swing my gate the other way on occasion and I did all my 'growing up ' on hetero sex so it's not like I'm a man hater or butch dyke. it's just that most men are pigs, the good ones are taken and girls are so much smoother and sweeter tasting. And let's face it, I can get fucked in the ass just as deep and just as wild by my girlfriend as I can from any man.

I like

I am 41 years old, white, 148 lbs. in other words, I have a few curves on me. Curves I am quite proud of honestly. I have blue eyes and sandy blonde hair, thick and soft and usually down to my shoulders or on a pony tail on top.

I have really large breasts for a girl my size - 42EE, not grotesquely large like some strippers I have seen but mm they are a handful. I had them pierced years ago and I have 3 piercings in my pussy. I have a couple of others I will let you explore for.

I love my body and I know you will like it too.


thanks for reading this far. this must mean you are an interesting person and I want to meet you ~smile~