Lucius Asp

Asp was never a typical child growing up. Born Lucius David Aspen in 1980, he is the oldest of three children. His parents attempted to groom their first-born son into a life he wanted no part of nor desired by insisting he conform to their wishes even as a small child. During his youth, he had already carved a name out for himself in the various Los Angeles prep schools his parents insisted he attend in preparation for him to take over the family business, a growing Los Angeles real estate firm, Aspen Realty. By age 12, he was kicked out of several of those schools and refused enrollment in others because of his habitual trouble making, lack of respect and explosive temper. Finally, at 13, he was accepted into a typical Los Angeles public high school that surprisingly had a music program and this is where he first began to become interested in making music on his own.

His parents were not very pleased at Lucius´┐Żs growing interest in music, especially his father David. They refused him lessons, they refused to buy him music and above all, they refused to even listen to what he had to say about what he wanted so he became increasingly rebellious and headstrong. Deciding he would take his fate into his own hands, he started working odd jobs around the affluent Los Angeles neighborhood he lived in by cutting lawns and doing odd jobs for some of the older divorced women who found his independent if not a bit arrogant charm irresistible. After a few months, he saved up enough money to buy his first bass and since then, has hardly sat the instrument down. Banished to the garage to practice he spent hours upon hours outside until the light faded, struggling to learn the instrument on his own. Originally influenced by funk he learned the style quickly and easily mastered many of the popular bass riffs that Bootsy Collins had made famous. From there, he began to absorb all types of music and easily transitioned what he heard onto the bass, with no formal training he learned to play by ear.

By sixteen, he was an established and confident bass player. He had been in a few garage bands that went nowhere and only frustrated the growing musician. Having adopted the nickname Asp christened upon him by former band mates, he dropped the name Lucius and was only known as Asp in the music circle he worked with. The nickname mostly came from the shortening of his last name Asp but some of the friends he worked with compared him to the snake due to his biting tongue and explosive temper so it stuck.


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