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Fuck what You heard.
I keep my circle small and my wall high.
I don't play games and I'll treat you
the same way you treat me.
Be careful not to underestimate me.
My heart is big and I do love hard,
but I don't give a Fuck even harder.

I was alone when You found me..
You tore down my world..
You tore down my walls..
You became my whole world..

Left me defenseless...
no walls..
only tears...
to rebuild
from the pieces
busted concrete...
to learn again
to live alone again...
piece by piece
block by block
i will rebuild

tears mix the mortar..
making each block stronger
than before...
small battles
prep for the war
to come...

thank You...

lessons learned...

I will be

((He wrote this for me...and it still rings true...thank You))
Sun May 01 23:14:57 ~
Withheld said:

a lovely creature, slowly falling
a descent into the dark
it lies there, surrounded
by night
there is no flicker, no sign
just the feeling of
silence and regret

but then, the smoke
A Shadow grows
infused with the Quiet Flame
that Will Not Be Forgotten

The Rise, as those Darkened Flames;
Shadows that rise, even in the black
There is Life that finds Itself

A slow stand, Expression less
More than some...thing that was
...some thing that was

some thing More...that won't be lost again.

((for the record: it was posted publicly, i keep it with his permission)) thank you.

If You are still reading...No i'm not looking..there will Ever..Only be One for me..
i play in public or Not at all..
Don't make a new name to approach me..that game no longer works
If You are unknown to me, You will stay unknown.
If You are One that hides in the dark, If You don't have the balls to come out of the dark..then i don't need to talk to You anyway..
somethings are meant for the shadows, but Not everything.

if i ignore you the first time...please don't message me again...i was nice ignoring you..i won't be nice the second time around...

i have the right to be in the whisper room if i want to be..doesn't mean i'm there to whisper to you...get over yourself...i also have the right to wear any avi i wish to.. if you can't take no for an answer..then don't fucking ask me..You boys don't handle rejection too well do you?..lol
i also have the right to choose whom i speak to..sorry it's not you...
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