Hi there. I'm ~lil' red ridin' whore~. I love to be touched..and can't wait to touch you. I love to pleasure, and be pleasured in return. My pink, sensitive nipples crave your lips and tongue. I enjoy BDSM, but I'm not really into pain. (Though a little is good!) We can discuss it. grin My mailroom's open; leave me a message and we'll set up a date. Then you can come up stairs and check out my basket of "goodies". ~wink~ I'm mostly here weekends, but may occasionally accept an evening date during the week if not too late.

Limits: I date men only. No bathroom games of any sort; no animals, children, humiliation, blood or scarring. No underage play. I don't take r/t instructions. I do not Domme, ever, so don't even ask. My private life is just that. Private.