Leon Schimmel

This is the best I can do for a home page for now.A little bit of a background for those that are unfamiliar with him.

Leon was born in the town of Fort Kent in the state of Maine, U.S.A. His mother and father were both Holocaust survivors from Dachau, both were teens at the time and there only son they named after the US solider that found them and took care of them.

Leon grew up poor, his family worked at a local diner where they barely made enough to survive. When he turned eight teen he received a scholarship and attended the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary arts where he passed at the top of his class.

Leon spent most of time out of college taking care of his parents til they died, the stress of that and of working at a small diner lead him to drinking. After they departed Leon left town and went to the City to try his luck there.

In the City he met his first wife Shelly, and things were going good til she committed adultery and Leon divorced her. Leaving the City and roaming around he found himself in La Grange Texas where he spent his last few dollars on a Power Ball ticket, which won him a neat 2.5 million, and was found by his friend that was searching him out.

His friend told him about his daughter from Shelley, Gwen and Leon handed his fortune over to his friend for safe keeping while he entered AA.

After AA Leon decided to invest he bulk of the money he won into coffee plantations and his business took off. Soon he owned 10 plantations in Brazil, 5 in Peru, and 7 in Columbia. Later he purchased plantations in Hawaii, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

As the profits grew so did Leon's happiness, he met his second wife Melody and had two children with her, James and Yvette.He served on the City Council and kept up hi AA meetings the whole time.

Tragedy struck when his daughter Yvette died from S.I.D.S. and the pressure was to much for either him and Melody so they separated and later divorced.

Leon buried himself in his work, making sure that his plantations where not just producing coffee but producing happy, healthy, and educated individuals. Every one of his plantations have a functioning clinic and school, the workers are payed above the normal rate and production has increased.

Despite the divorce and death of his daughter Leon felt that God was being good to him so he is being good to others, handing out money to any worthy cause and helping those in need.

Currently Leon is 46 years old and his net worth is 400 million.