Lance Clauser

From a boyhood in Ohio, to the Navy Seals...Don't Ask, Don't Tell be damned.

They asked, I told, I wound up with stint as a mercenary. Word got around, and I got a much better gig. I got a job as a rent-a-gun who also drove a hotblooded Latina wherever she wanted to go.

How the hell did I wind up here, you ask. Suffice it to say that the little (hey, that's what she tells me) Escobar prick thought a brawny maricon would be a brilliant choice for a bodyguard and jailor for his wild young wife. Little did he know there is only one way to soothe that little wild-femme beast.

Anyhow, I wound up with a new Boss,who knows how to soothe little Mercy just the way she likes it.

As for me, I have a new life now. Wealth, a #r-sodom(nightclub,) gorgeous #r-flw(house,) and a beautiful young husband.

My life is pretty damned good. Not bad for a scarred up old soldier.