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I am proud / cross-dresser {CD}

My Lady ***Arora*** page is under construction� Some brief descriptions and pictures for now; more will follow

I am Lady ***ArorA***, a cross-dressing Dom with a Shoe and Foot fetish. I like to be in control of one or more subs and servants. I particularly indulge in educating male and female servants and subs to serve My Shoes and Feet. I do not wish to be contradicted by subs or servants. However, I love to know how they feel� so that I may anticipate some of My actions; the sub must also enjoy and find a return. Beware: once admitted in My environment, their sole purpose is to please Me! BTW although I like the idea of having one or two fully controlled slaves at My disposal, I would prefer to have servants who think and feel autonomously; it is so much more fun! In this respect, as it is a relatively easy task to �own� those who share the Foot and Shoe fetish, the real challenge lies in educating and subduing persons with no such �aberration��

I do not engage in too much training of new and inexperienced (in the art of Shoe- and Foot-adoration) Myself; I want to indulge in and profit from My educated servants. Therefore, a training program has been set up, which is rigorously enforced by a Domme who answers directly and uniquely to Me. She is a very able aid, who helps Me to allocate and train subs initially, so that these are able to fulfill My pleasure and needs. At a later stage, servants must be properly trained in order to be able to fully comply with any and all of My whims. This I will do together with a top Lady from My stables.

Persons interested to serve Me will be asked to go into training with one of My aids: Contessa Lucia, and some others. The program can start as soon as his/her label has been supplemented by {sit} to reveal that the person is �servant-in-training�. The agreement is that there is no bonding as yet, but the trainee responds to his/her Dom(me) in charge as soon as they are in the same room or addressed by mail, whispering or other means of communication in SOI. The training will take place during a period to be agreed upon by mutual consent. After such an initial traineeship, My aid and I will evaluate whether you comply with minimum requirements prior to being allowed to serve Me.

You may subscribe to the trainee program; apply to Me: Lady ***ArorA***, or to Contessa Lucia

Here are a few pictures of My Feet and Shoes

Lady ***Arora***

These are 100% guaranteed My Feet in those gorgeous pumps... pictures taken by Myself or by a servant...

When you want to serve Lady ***Arora*** and Her feet, DO apply as �{sit} ( = servant-in-training) Be courteous and servile, but do not act as a slave. Behave as expected from servants and subs in SOI. Specific likes and dislikes to be discussed. Feeling fit for the job? Then do apply�

A short story to start your education... a brief training by

my Contessa Lucia

When i first met my Contessa Lucia, She was sitting on a comfy reclining couch with one Leg stretched out in front of Her and the Other crossed gracefully over it. Her dainty left Foot was slightly dangling; it was clad with this gorgeous black leather pump. She knew She had my full attention and capitalized on it by very slowly moving Her leg back and forth and concomitantly moving Her pretty Foot up and down.

"Do you like what you see?" She asked in a tone that was more of command than a question. "Don't answer me, I can see what am dealing with here, just kneel right here next to me!"

i saw that gorgeous foot moving so tantalizingly slowly up and down in the air, in such an breath-taking way, that i couldn't help myself but feel an instant urge to kneel next to this beautiful Lady. She had my number, which clearly showed upon her face, in her eyes to be more precise, which had now narrowed only a tiny fraction as compared to a few seconds ago. She now held her Foot completely still while She was looking upon me and asked: "tell me what you see, isn't it gorgeous?" While She said it i felt her hand reaching up towards my neck, pushing my head slowly forward in the direction of Her lower parts. Needles to say, i needed little urging� When my head was about level with the calf of Her legs, i was allowed to verbally worship Her Leg and Foot. i noticed They were clad in skin color 12 denier soft and shiny nylon stockings. She exposed and moved Her leg and Foot for me, purposefully so as to expose their greater beauty, to raise my awe and submission to Her whims. She then quickly and expertly moved the heel of her right Pump onto my neck, pushing me very gently� toward Her other Foot.

She then started to talk to me in a very matter-of-fact way about my helplessness in my very low position, which She thought to be very adequate to meet her needs and wishes. She told me that such a position would teach me to keep down and abide with Her every whim. Around this time i was just about ready to anything She asked or commanded me.

"Bend over and watch, but don't touch yet, first I'll teach you for a while. Then, when I tell you to, you will do as I tell you, and exactly in the way and to the extent that I want you to. You�ll see, you will do exactly as I tell you to do. At first, you will act upon my words, but before long you will have learned to act upon my every whim or small movement for that matter." i was flabbergasted and tried to turn my head slightly. "Don't you move!" She said quite naturally and without any apparent raise of her voice. "Now pay attention to My instructions�"

"Just keep your eyes feasted on the tip of My Shoe and My Foot. Position your head in such a way that you can see My every movement. There's no need to approach more and I'll not allow you to either. If I don't move, that is, if My Foot is completely still, you don't move either. You just contemplate my beauty and power. But you will say nothing and do nothing; you will merely watch and wait for My next order. May it will take a long or a short while, you will stay completely still, you just watch, verbally praise My Foot and behave as a good boy. Only when My Foot starts moving up and down several times, or is moving in small circles from the ankle, this will be the sign for you to come into action. You will immediately approach your lips more closely toward my foot, but yet you will not touch it. Only when I have stopped or have interrupted the movement, you will slowly approach more and gently kiss Me with your lips on mid-Foot. You will do this with great attention and affection, but just once and only during a few seconds.

(Meanwhile, the guy in training is allowed to slightly retreat his head and await My further orders from some small distance away from My Feet. Usually there will be some more movement in a while, which you will then act upon according to what you already know.)

We will rehearse this� maybe I will not only allow you to kiss and revere My Feet, but also� (?)

Meanwhile, I will let you dress up for me in silken sissy wardrobe, sheer panties and such more... looking up to Me in shiny thin fabric gowns, silken robes while I wear long shiny and very very soft silken gloves... with which I may choose to touch your head or buttocks... maybe even your balls occasionally.... I am also be wearing some immaculate and tight stockings or panties, with just some Lycra in them; 12 or 15 den... in which My Legs look superbly defiant and marvellously attractive... some would say irresistible maybe...

and in your mind you see the soft silken gloves... while I am in your thoughts.... undulating My Fingers and Hand in front of your eyes...

and of course I wear some gorgeous medium heel Pumps from My collection... black or blue calf leather Shoes with not too spiky 3.5 inch heels... comfortable to walk a bit and thread on some thing(s)... Lady like and very eroticizing for the tuned mind... these fine heeled classic pumps...

maybe I will allow you to revere and kiss them at some occasion... when you behave well and obey�

Then I would ondulate My Foot in such a Pump before your eyes, while you are prostrating yourself in a kneeling position... while keeping your head very low so as to level with My Foot... or remain slightly lower so that you will have to strain your little neck to see Its Glory and Superbness...

you would be allowed to perceive the intricate beauty of just some toe-cleavage... and the soft shinyness of those skin colored 15 den panties...
apply to me as 'fit' if you want to meet and play... I just may grant you an Audience at My Feet...

llluuusshhh little smile... sitting on My chaise longue, Legs elegantly crossed, moving My Right Foot up and down almost imperceivably once...