hi! i am aria renee (my “real vanilla name” btw!) aka Lady Aria. i am 26 years young and live in Manassas, Virginia. i recently moved from Carmel, California. i am a professional dancer - ballet and exotic dance. i have been dancing ever since i was a kid, and luv everything about it! my body measures 36C-24-36, and my weight has recently stabilized at 115 lbs. i am 5’6” tall; my hair is brown and descends 2 my waist; my eyes are green. my ethnicity is a blending of Irish and Italian, and my sexual appetite is voraciously bi. i adore beautiful women as much as i do handsome hunks! (sshhh! i have a secret fetish 4 men with HUGE cocks. HHmmmm... i also enjoy catfights with hot, frisky girls... GGrrrrrrr!) when i was around 20, i got interested in Dominance/submission and met a Mistress Who lived in San Francisco... a Lady by the name of Mistress Jade. i became Her submissive and “trained” under Her for about 4 years. then, She “released” me, telling me that it was time that i begin exploring my Dominant side. 4 the next year I did just that... and, within the past few months, i have even been exploring myself as a switch. i find both sides of the “power exchange” equation 2 be very interesting and satisfying as they relate 2 the various aspects of my personality. recently, i have returned 2 my submissive side, which feels more like who i trully am. as a submissive, i enjoy intensity. i am a masochist who often craves very heavy play. i adore the cat and the crop... even the letting of blood, if done by One Who truly knows how 2 do it, turns me on. i crave the Mistress (or Master) Who is not afraid 2 take Power into Her/His Own Hands and be unrelenting with it. Mistress Jade was often extremely severe with me, as was Savage Master...and i love Them Both 4 this. currently, i belong v/t 2 Bitch Goddess, but have no r/t Mistress or Master... i have a fairly stereotypical “ballerina face.” my breasts are very firm, specially 4 their size (larger than those of most dancers!). my legs r long and strong, as u might expect. i do have some pics online. if u’d like 2 see them, just let me know, and i’ll be happy 2 share them with u!