Hello I am Lady Andarta.

Standing 6'2" tall with red hair in a tight braid down to the small of my back with emerald eyes, I work to keep myself as fit as time allows, but age has let me slip from the perfect body I once had.

Bi, though I have a strong preference for women.
Casual encounters with W/women are wonderful, but shouldn't be expected. Saying hello is always welcome, though it might not go much further. Men don't ask because it won't be appreciated.

I love wearing black latex with a red corset over top or a completely black latex outfit.

Teasing and humiliating a submissive as they can be such sweet fun.

feel free to say hello... I love talking to new people... but don't expect me to fawn over you because you throw yourself to your knees before Me...

I have a wonderful pet named trixley{LadyA} she's a former Domme and I adore her being Mine, to try and be collared by Me you have to prove you're at least as good for Me and to Me as she is.

I have a new pet sarah {A&t} and while she is learning to be Mine, she pleases Me greatly.

#r-girlsshh(girlsshh) is now Mine, I'm going to be tending to it for the foreseeable future and I will be as benevolent as I can.