Sometimes I roleplay, if I find a realm that interests me. Mostly, I lurk.

I tend to stay away from modern day rpg's. I live in the modern world; don't really care to play in it.

I like gothic, vampires, the victorian era.

Mostly I just lurk.

When I do play, whether in a roleplay game, or one on one, I'm not a Dominant so please don't ask me to play as such. Play does not have to involve the above themes, but they are things I like.

I'm not interested in being collared, becoming a slave or belonging to any one person.

I don't like humiliation, scat, bathroom games of any kind. No underage play.

I don't talk about r/t, nor do I take r/t instructions.

I'm only interested in men.

Non consent, rough play? Yes. Bondage? Yes. Bruises? Yes. Permanent markings? No. Humiliation? No. Abuse simply for the sake of abuse? NO.

And this is here, just because I really like it.