Our tale begins when Kitty was a young girl around 11.
Her family was killed in a robbery in still Mexican Sante Fe. Surviving she was taken in by Tia Rosa the local Cantina Brothel owner... *yeah insert evil music*
But other than putting her to work in the brothel Tia Rosa was a good lady for the most part. Raising Kitty & Kiandria who was now at the Long Branch.
Ria was Tia Rosa's niece & she and Kitty consider each other kin.
Now enters Caleb Slaughter, the new law man in Sante Fe. Who had a liking for whiskey, cards and whores... till he meets the sweet blond from Boston in the Cantina. Caleb takes a shine to her wants to take her away and rescue her from the life. The unlikely love story of the lawman and the whore begins....with a rocky start!
While Caleb convinces Kitty to go with him she she tells Tia Rosa. Who is not happy her blond money maker is planning to head North with the Lawman for a new life. Sending one of her men to stop Kitty from leaving. Kitty stabs him in self defense... he dies.
As the federalies piece together what happened Caleb has whisked Kitty to the border... there they hide.
The only one who knows where they are is Ria. But Ria tells Diego her lover who sells the information to the Federalies .
They find Kitty & Caleb.. while making a get away bullets rain and several Mexican soldiers lay dead.. leaving Caleb and Kitty wanted South of the border. Now... Kitty has redeemed herself... Caleb is Dodge City Marshall and Kitty has taken her teaching tests in KC. He has helped her get the job as the town's teacher. thanks to the strings pulled through Caleb's prominent Father's connections back east. And almost no one knows who she was.. except who ever is gonna use it to mess of the wedding, blackmail the teacher and or Marshall. Things may not bode well for any who interfere.. try to use or abuse Kitty. Caleb has a mighty hot temper..and a sweet spot for his Gatito...

2/19 ~ a rider comes into town with a wanted notice issued by the Mexican Government for the live capture and return of *Gatito* (Kitty). The charge asesinato(murder).

Let the games begin...

and who said School Marms were dull?