i�m 28 years old, 5�5�, 119 lbs, 35C-25-35, with long black hair. Usually wearing jogging shoes or 3" heels and a tan 4 button short shorts and cropped 4 button harem type top. Although i�m Korean, i don�t speak it. my stretched top shows the curve of my breasts above and below, but despite my running my rear remains stubbornly soft, in fact i'm concerned that my dreams are disturbing my sleep and my growing addiction to chocolate made me gain two pounds. Black men say they find me very tight and pleasurable. i think maybe they talk? Sometimes i dream about how about a year ago i was a little high at a party and i let two Black guys offer to take me home, but they took me to their place and four of them used me for hours and by the end i was just begging for more. Recently i submitted again to Black men and i am afraid I�m losing control, afraid of the fate that tempts me to be used to breed Black babies. i'm restless, unsatisfied and i can�t forget my lust for Black cock. i make white boys do things�i treat them like dirt and spank them, but they still love me and give me things. i am so confused. i work hard to act like a professional & successful asian lady and none of my family, friends or co-workers know my secret lust to be used like a toy by Black men. i know something is changing in me but i�m unable to stop it, just hoping my secret is still safe. Sometimes i stare into the mirror, frustrated and whispering to myself, "i am soft here *points to thigh* and here *points to butt* and here *points to belly.* i dream of walking on the beach and being captured by pirates. i am a nice girl.

*look alot like her but softer in rear