kia is young at 19; 5ft-6in; 126 lbs. Although young "she" is worldly wise with many varied talents. These talents "she" loves to show off to those who might wish to explore them. These talents run from being soft and cuddly to the harsh environs of BDSM. "she" has but two hard limits. They are; no eating scat and no vomit play kia caters to all genders in any manner requested, hir limits notwithstanding. "she" loves bondage, pain humiliation as well as the softer touch When taken to areas of deep humiliation and degradation, incentives may be required to attain the desired results kia has a soft spot for older Ladies who would delight in making the young femboi perform in degrading and humiliating ways. "she" also has a fancy for the strong T-gurl and Shemale type who might require a toi for their pleasure and amusement So; check kia out. You just might find that special someone You have been seeking for so long.

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