Growing up with just one parent had its advantages and disadvantages. Linda Davis was a loving mother and did her best to raise Kelsey and protect her from the mistakes she had made. But, the long hours at work left Kelsey free to pursue all that she found fun and adventurous.

Kelsey wanted to be a star, to be the center of attention in a life of glamour. At age 21 she dropped out of college and took off to pursue a life in acting. While trying to break into the industry she met a photographer who worked for Vogue. Twice her age, Mark Bennett provided the father figure Kelsey had always been denied as a child. He opened doors to the fashion industry and Kelsey was soon modeling for Victoria Secret and Calvin Klein.

There was only one thing left that Kelsey wanted, to know who her father was. Her mother had always avoided the topic, not wanting her daughter to know the details that surrounded her daughter�s birth. Finally after hours of persuasion during her last visit home, Kelsey managed to find out who her father might be. She searched online with the details she had been given and found out that her father was living in The City.

She said goodbye to Mark, packed up her things and headed to �The City� where she hopes to finally meet her father and continue her life.