Kelly Gray

Date of Birth: July 13, 1980
Married May 18, 2007 to Darius Gray �son of Billionare Raymond Shaw
Has one son: Darren Raymond Gray
Restaurant Owner

She was born Kelly O�Hara to Devlin and Mary O�Hara in San Jose, California in 1980 but everyone called her kellygirl�.it became a nickname that stuck.
Her mother died from a heart attack when she was only 4 years old and so she was brought up by her father moving from military base to military base and then settled again in San Jose �she was spoiled �. A military brat and she ran away when she turned 16 and took to the streets to make ends meet�� a short bout with drugs she ended up a prostitute �.. a damn good one with quite a long and rich clientele but the drugs pulled her back down to the streets where she was taken off them by a local Pimp named Tom Black �..
He got her off the drugs and started the Cathouse on Mean Street outside of the City�..she was His right hand and closest confidant and lover for years �. Not to mention eventually became the Manager of that Cathouse Brothel�� The two of them began to have problems and she felt she needed to get out do something better with her life���the money she�d made she�d stuck away �. It was a good amount when she left for Vegas�.where she opened a Bar and grille�.. It was in the beginning a success and then business began to dwindle due to the powers that be within Vegas� Mob scene and they began to get hold of her business and push her out She was able to get out without losing everything and came back to mean street only to find that many of her friends and her old boss had moved to the inner City and so she caught up with Tom Black again and together they opened the 141 Lounge�.a dark bar on ninth Business was so so�.. Tom began to get antsy and so Kelly had the idea that adding a restaurant was just what this City needed �.. she had been quite a good cook growing up with her Father �.she was more like a wife than his daughter in that she cooked and cleaned for him and so she brought her cooking and ideas to open the restaurant portion of the 141 �.Tom Black was uninterested and so she bought his half of the business and redecorated the dark place to what it is today�..The most popular restaurant in the City and the place to be seen and it�s reputation known well as well as her.
She�s been fortunate to have good employees and good friends to lean on through the many years and her life of a business woman was her total success.
She dated different men through the years until she met Adrian Tate and they began to get closer �. He finally asked her to marry him right there in the 141 and she accepted his proposal.
Then Raymond Shaw came to her with a business proposition�.the merging of the 141 and 3 fingers Jazz Club��she was thrilled at the idea and agreed�.going into business with Him and His son Darius Gray ��The Grand Opening went well and both business complimented the other��.During this time Adrian�s work kept him away for long periods and Kelly and Darius working long hours together became closer and closer�.one night a weakness on both their parts when they both realized each of them had been attracted for a very long time to each other and they spent the night in each other�s arms��realizing it was wrong with both of them involved with others and they tried to keep it business only but their feelings for each other were hard to deny �when a month or so later Kelly found out she was expecting and she knew at that point she HAD to tell Adrian of her one night just in case this baby was not his�..turned out it was not his and the turmoil for all after that information caused a lot of heart aches for everyone involved.
Both Darius and Kelly made the decision they would raise this baby together�.both of them told the other�s involved in their lives and it was a very heart wrenching time but in the end it was the right thing and as time has gone on their love and feeling for each other was deeper than they had even realized themselves�it was true love �..they moved in together and now living in a beautiful home in Cove lake they were recently married at Darius� Father�s Estate by the lake.....days later their baby boy Darren Raymond was born unexpectedly and delivered by Lieutenant Mark McPherson of the TCPD at their home

Darren continues to grow

Recently she opened the Chinese Restaurant "King Yum" and their family restaurants continue to grow

...They looked happy but was there trouble in paradise??? Perhaps it wasn't paradise after all......

a divorce was to be and happily ever after was not..... then more disastrous news...Darius fell to his death while mountain climbing with his father in Oregon and now Darren is without his father to grow up with, but Raymond has stepped in goes on and she survives....