The whore eyes lifted and bright as she speaks

she starts with a brief description of herself

she is 5'7, shoulder length brunette hair, expressive blue eyes

full lips, a slender neck encased with steel, small breasts, 36B,

she has had them described as just a handful, each nipple pierced

and adorned with silver rings

gifted to her by [LORD ~ DRAGO]

hanging gently from the nipple rings is a silver chain

two charms hang from the nipple chain that was gifted to her

by Master Cold as a Stone

one charm of a small crop...the other with the letters MS artfully entwined

she is in the 140 lb range, still fit for her age of 42

a firm belly leads down to a smoothly shaved cunt

each lip pierced and adorned with three silver rings

also gifted to her by [LORD ~ DRAGO]

a silver chain threaded through them...and locked

the key to the lock hangs from the front of her collar

Around her waist is a delicate silver chain...

with star sapphires adorning it...

A gift from Master Balthazar

her legs are long and shapely

on her left ankle is a silver bracelet

adorned with four small bells

gifted to her by Master Balthazar

He later added a small charm to the ankle chain

A silver charm, with Balthazar on one side

and kaylyn on the other side

There is a steel ring, pierced through her clit hood

a small silver ball on it

Gifted to her by Master Balthazar

she was collared to the Domain on Nov. 23, 2003

Something inside herself led her here

she watched in silence for some time before her first step inside

she knew when she entered that she had found

a Home

a place where she could be what she was


One word, one simple word, describes all that she is


she is a pain slut, almost to the extreme, but knows

that pain is two sided, it can give immense pleasure

or it can drown ones soul

she serves, and she serves with her heart

and with her soul

Within the walls of the Domain

she has found a Home

she has found a chain that is second to none

that she has seen

and an Owner

an Owner that fills her with pride

The pride of being a slave

On Nov. 27, 2004

[ L O R D ~ D R A G O ] branded her left thigh

marking her with a "D"

holding her forever to the Domain

and to Him.