....About me....
About Me

I am kardelen.....
i am a S/switch but most of the
times i will be seen as a me. That doesn't mean
i will call you Sir , Master or whatever or run down at
your feet kneeling all in a submissive way
i call Sir only those i want too and i kneel or
behave as a submissive only when i want too....
i am moody all the time and i love nagging..~giggles~

When in my Dominant state....well...
i am in a Dominant state.
Again...don't crawl,whisper or anything...manners matter!
Come and talk to me i don't bite...much!

I am not English so most times i make lots of mistakes
and i do not get what others say so
if i ask more than twice for you to explain
it is because i do not get it!!!!!!!
Many times i will not be in a mood to rp or talk...
and i won't DO IT!!!!
I have BPD(Borderline Personality Disorder) and some times
i am in a bad mood others
in a good mood other in no mood...
and most of the times i can have too
many moods in a too short period of time
bare with me or leave me alone!
If all this makes me a bitch....i probably am!