Kal Jenson

Kal was born to a father he never knew and mother who didn't have any time for him. He was bounced between his mother's home in New York, and her parent's in North Dakota until he was 9 and then she just left him with her parent's. Kal grew up there on the farm, and that's when he discovered his true calling; cars.

He worked his chores for months and finally bought his great-grandfather's old 1938 De Soto sedan. He had it towed to the mechanic's where he learned how to fix it and then soup it up. He also learned a very interesting secret, one that's had him on the run for years.

Kal took his knowledge to New York and became well known in the drag racing circles. He was taken under the wing of a local mobster and sponsored. Pretty soon, anyone who followed the NHRA heard of Kal Jenson and his legendary '69 Charger, Apollo. Kal decided it was time to put his knowledge of cars to work for him.

He started out with a garage in the city and lived there for a while, making a good profit off of fixing and selling used cars. After a time though, it got too hot for him there, so he moved to New Orleans. That lasted for a while, but he ended up coming back to the City. He's hoping to reopen his business of selling custom made cars to people.


Due to recent events, Kal has gotten a license to carry and is rarely without his .357 Smith and Wesson. He's an amazingly fast draw with it, since he used to practice back on the farm. He is also known to carry a Mossberg riot control 12 gauge in his car. At the shop, he has a 12 gauge coach gun as well. A while back, he got a Class A license and worked up a trade for an antique Thompson automatic that he keeps in the shop as well.