I'm Kalessin, petplayer, ponyholder and owner of SOI-room szstall.

First: this page is in english because most Germans can read english but not vice versa.
However my mother tongue is German.

Some information about me:
Gender: male
Age: 42
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 95 kg

Presently I own:

  • one cute little dog-slut named *~chilaili~*. It's a real pleasure having her as companion.
  • a mostly very nice little female slave named *~ayita~*. Still in the beginning of her training she sometimes is a real challenge for her Master but it seems she begins to understand. I'm very curious what she'll turn out to be after she had some lessons in obedience ...
  • I currently have only one more collar left for a ponygirl. If you want to apply send a message to Kalessin.

    I'm from southern Bavaria, Germany, in SOI since 1997.
    I've some bdsm-reallife experience, after 5 years marriage again solo.

    What I'm looking for, are women, who like to be held as ponies or dogs.
    I'm also looking for a female submissive who serves me and my guests in my stable.

    Some rules to set things straight, developed from experience:

  • I will not not take orders from my subs
  • I'm not exclusive for anybody
  • subs wearing my collar will not be tossed away because I'm busy with someone else
  • subs not willing to share my attention should think twice before dealing with me.
  • jealousy will not be accepted
  • I'm not a jump 'n run player. My play is meant to develope. It needs time to grow

    And last some thoughts for ponies ...

    I personally prefer ponies approaching with some resistances or hesitations I can deal with. That makes training more challenging. I prefer ponies beeing more themselves instead of those ready-wrapped-up, neighing, whining ones who transform to beasts with fangs and claws on the first sign of discomfort, vanishing into thin air then.
    However this is chat I demand at least some honesty.