Hello! Welcome inside of the mind of just_anna :)
(My impression is that hardly anyone even knows that citizens can have webpagess, and since most citizens don't bother having them, even fewer actually check. So consider yoursef a very unique, unusual and probably twisted person that you have come this far! *HUGS*)

By way of introduction, suffice it to say that I am bi and switch. I enjoy the extremes in both directions, everything from sweet tickles at the malt shop to whips and chains ...and beyond, way beyond. :)

I confess that I am often in multiple rooms at once, but always with the same name so I don't hide it. I'm proud of being a slut.
It REALLY bugs me when some lurker thinks its cute to point out to my playmate that I'm in another room in a different role. If you are here and reading this, I'm sure you're not that annoying person.

I REALLY LIKE knowing that many lurking eyes may be on me when I play, or reading my sessions after the fact. I'm always happy to hear from you, even just a one line msg from a lurking fan makes me super hot!
I always use my name, "just_anna" so don't worry about if you're ever talking to me under a different name. Well, ok, 98% of the time I use just_anna. There are some situations where I just HAVE to use a different name. I only do it when I need to temporarily express an emotion that I don't want associated with my scene character's mood like a joke I can't resist making or an authoritative scolding of some clown when my scene is submissive. Things like that. Some have confessed to me that they have chatted with me under different names. I've never suspected it, so maybe I really am the ditz after all! :) I don't mind at all either. Its erotic when you tell me you've been doing it, its like being taken advantage of. Always fun. :)

I do have RTIs. I think some have crossed me off of their list because of this. Sometimes it happens an hour into a scene, sometimes after just a few minutes. I can't ask you to not be angry when that happens (Its erotic and flattering if the scene is good enough that you feel that way!) but I *suggest* that instead of venting mean words at me, vent in a way that won't be buzzkill for the others watching or who follow (the words might sit in the room for hours until the next players come in). Think of a fun way to have your revenge on me and write it out. How about sealing me in a box and pumping it full of cum until I snuff? Works for me. :)

I've opened a NEW public room!: #r-chfarm Spa (The Cherry Farm). You are welcome to visit, being one of those rare birds who makes the effort to read my personal page! KISS!
I think it is a fun place to play across a wide range of themes and while its not for everybody, I hope a lot of you will enjoy it as much as me. :)
I enjoy lots of different rooms. Most of them are listed in #r-chfarm and there are new ones every day.
For pics, I love #r-anyroom and #r-picbook. I also love #r-pinewood. Pinewood I like because, while it suggests very specific theme and even has dress codes and specific pics, it is done so well that its perfect. I hope #r-chfarm is a nice general themed place, that allows lots of different play, but we'll have to see how everyone uses it.

If you're curious as to what I might be interested in playing, all you need to know is that nothing inspires me more than a playmate with an idea in their head that they've always wanted to explore. :) This is your big chance! :)