Born January 15th - Juliette Mercanti

Brother - Giovanni Mercanti

Graduating from Harvard Law School, Juliette found herself caught up in a world of suits until one night she went out with the girls. That night left her speechless, drawn to a wilder, darker world that was filled with sensual and erotic pleasures. It started out with a simple invitation to a private party and grew into a wider web of need and desires. She had never dreamed of the fantasies that would become her reality.

Deciding not to pursue a career in law, she moved to the City to be near her brother Giovanni. She applied for a position at the Glass Cage BDSM Art Gallery and Library. Working there never seemed like a job. She loved to walk through the gallery and stare into the souls of each piece, read through the books imagining each vivid detail, and stood at the glass floor for hours, watching how this person yielded or that person took control.

It was there, down in the club, that she met Allesandro. He swept her off her feet.. Nothing had prepared her for the playboy who's smile charmed all the ladies. There were many things she had not been prepared for. Sadly after a few years they went their own ways.

Time passed and new opportunities presented itself with the purchase of The Glass Cage and becoming Co-Owner of La Serenissima. The death of a family member also marked the addition of The Power Plant and several places within to the Mercanti Portfolio leaving Juliette one wealthy woman.

Then James Knight walked into her life and suddenly her whole life was turned upside down. She thought she had known what she wanted, thought she knew where she was going, thought she knew who she was, until meeting him. She gave herself to him and her life started to spiral downwards. Lost in his deceit and manipulation she finally managed to break free.

With the help of dear friends that she loves and will be eternally grateful for, she found her way back to a normal life and peaceful existence, She enjoys her work at The Glass Cage and La Serenissima and free time spent with said friends.