Jules "Diamond" Franck
Race: Human
Nationality: French
Age: 38
Occupation:Loyal Man servant to Mr. Issac Atwood
Celeb: Chiwetel Ejiofor
Theme Song: In the Air Tonight

History: Jules was born in Chantilly, France a small town not far from Paris in the year 1857 to his parents Laurant and Eloise Franck. His father was a writer who challenged the establishment and created a fair few enemies for himself within the high Archy of French society. Not a place a young man with a family wished to be. So he and his wife in 1859 with their beautiful two year old son boarded a shit bound for the colony's and with the help of a dear friend Pierre Lo sua they arrived in the settlement of New Orleans. A new world that the french community had taken and made their own. Happy in their new life, His father fought for the dreams he'd always begged for a well known author even as a outsider his words were respected and his son, was raised and given a good life. By his death his father had left him a fair inheritance to he and his younger brother Louis, When Jules left to join the United States naval academy his mother and brother were living well. Upon the new of his mothers death he returned home to find his brother had taken off leaving nothing of their inheritance to share. He's been looking for him every since. So in his state of poverty he has turned to a old friend and military buddy. Refusing to take a hand out. He being a bit stark and proper in his own right. Took on the job of servant to Issac Atwood. There to do his bidding, while still spending his time dreaming about the day he will find Louis. A fear his own brother had a hand in his mothers death plagued him each day. He would find justice for her.

Strengths: Wise- He always has a piece of advice to hand out. Always opinionated which can fall under both a strength and a weakness. His life experiences have taken him many paths and he always has a story to tell. Though only in the most proper times, and the ones that are true are generally reserved for his closest of friends.

Impeccable taste- His taste in music, wine, cuisine and basically anything is unmatched and he has no trouble telling you just what he thinks.

Medical- having been part of the medical team while in the military he has fairly established medical training and can be quite helpful if one wishes to avoid a doctor.

Swordsman: He believes in a gentleman's weapon. ""truth is he's just not good with a pistol"" though you'd never hear him admit such.

Sailor Background- Having served on many ships in his days in the Naval academy, oh the stories he could tell. Just ask him.

Allergies- Desperately allergic to Monkey's Among other beasts.

A flare for the dramatic- He is seeking revenge and he will find it and when he does. think: "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. "

Weapons: His work with a pistol is flawed at best.